Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Thanksgiving and Recovery: How to Make it Easier

Thanksgiving and recoveryThanksgiving kicks off the holidays season and while it can bring a lot of joy, it can also bring on stress, anxiety and sadness. Take heart: If you’re experiencing any of these emotions, there are coping tips to help.
  • Keep up with recovery tasks. Whether it’s going to a 12-step meeting, doing art or music therapy or participating in post-relapse care, it’s essential to make time for recovery activities this holiday season. Again, this time of year can be riddled with difficult emotions and these tasks can help safeguard your mental health and your recovery. 
  • Practice mindfulness. Mindfulness can be a valuable recovery tool and you can even do it while you’re enjoying your Thanksgiving meal. With each bite, try to hone in on the flavors and textures of the food. And tap into your hunger cues, or how your body is communicating that it’s had enough! Think about why you're grateful for the food in front of you. 
  • Soak up the sun. Start your day with an outdoor jog or walk and get some mood-boosting vitamin D. Even a quick 15-minute stroll in nature can help relieve stress and improve your mental energy so you can better handle the holiday.   
  • Set realistic expectations. For many, it’s common to experience negative feelings over not being “where you should be” in life or sadness over missed activities and events you may have once enjoyed. Get yourself out of this negative mindset by focusing on how far you’ve come in your recovery and take time to jot down all of the things you have to look forward to now that you’re sober. 
  • Do your best to enjoy this time. This truly is the season to surround yourself with friends and loved ones who try to understand what you're going through and who support you and your recovery. While the holidays can be tough, they can also be a joyful and powerful time in your new sober life. 
Let Us Help You This Holiday
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