Wednesday, October 24, 2018

What to Say (And Not Say) to a Loved One with a Substance Use Disorder

It’s not easy talking to a loved one with a substance use disorder. It’s a sensitive subject and you can easily say the wrong things, even if you have the best intentions. Yet it’s important to learn to communicate effectively. This way, you can truly help someone you love journey toward lifelong sobriety. Here are a few things to say (and not to say) when talking with your loved one:
  • Say: Things will get better. Taking the time to remind your loved one to have hope is helpful and motivating. Communicate that a life of addiction is not the only way and that there is in fact a better way to live.
  • Don’t say: You will never change. This type of pessimistic talk can discourage your loved one from changing in the right direction. With proper guidance and support, it is possible for someone to recover from addiction.
  • Say: It’s not your fault. Addiction is a disease and reminding your loved one of this can help convince her to get help or stay the course. Along these lines, it’s also helpful to talk your loved one about how recovery is her responsibility.
  • Don’t say: Why can’t you just stop doing drugs or drinking? If it were that easy, no one would be struggling with a substance use disorder nor need help to break their addiction.
  • Say: I love you and you’re not alone. Letting your loved one know that you love them and won’t give up on them can provide the motivation and confidence needed to stick with recovery.
  • Don’t say: I am so ashamed of you. Your loved one is likely struggling with self-worth, low self-esteem, shame and guilt without you dropping a shame bomb. A comment like this can cause your loved one to use to numb these negative emotions.
Getting Help for Addiction
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