Thursday, July 5, 2018

Why You Should Add Summer Reading to Your Recovery To-dos

With summer often comes more time on your hands, and so filling that time with healthy and sober activities becomes key. Reading is a great activity to add to your summer recovery routine – and it certainly can’t hurt your overall mental health to curl up on the beach or under a shady tree with a good book! 

We’ve talked about the health benefits of reading in the past. To recap, reading can empower you to stay sober. It strengthens your brain, provides a healthy escape and stress release and reinforces the fact that you’re not alone in your struggle. Reading prior to bed can also help you fall asleep and stay asleep. What’s more, reading can help you learn more about yourself and your addiction and give you hope for the future. 

So what should you read? Summer is high season for gripping non-fiction, self-help books and juicy fictions. Just consider your stage of recovery and emotional state prior to choosing a tome. For example, you might be too fragile in your recovery to read real-life stories about addiction; the details could even elicit cravings. And it’s also wise to talk with your addiction counselor prior to choosing a book about addiction treatment. You’ll want someone to vet the information to ensure it meshes with your recovery goals. Talk to your peers, counselors and family members for some good book recommendations. 

You may even consider starting a book club with five to 10 of your recovery friends. Figure out the best time to meet and how often (once a month, for example) and then pick a convenient location. Together, you can make it your mission to tear through your list of summer reads by Labor Day! 

Growing Stronger Together This Summer 
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