Thursday, July 19, 2018

Making the Most of Music for Your Recovery

The idea that music can have therapeutic value is far from new: Aristotle and Plato touted its benefits, writing that it could help people become better human beings and overcome emotional difficulties. 

More and more treatment facilities are incorporating music therapy or music expression into their programs — and for good reason. Study after study shows that music can influence both emotion and behavior, making people happier, more relaxed, less anxious and less overwhelmed. In particular, relaxing music has ben found to decrease levels of the stress hormone cortisol. 

In addition to formalized music therapy sessions, you can work the power of music into your recovery in simple, everyday ways. Here are some ideas:
  • Meditate to music. Listening to music and exploring your relationship to the music can be a path toward self-discovery. And you can listen to any type of music you choose – it doesn’t have to be spiritual. In fact, research shows that music listening is most healing when you enjoy the music you’re listening to.
  • Have an impromptu dance party. Turn up the volume, turn off your mind and let the music take over as you dance around the room. Dancing is a great stress reliever – you’ll work up a sweat and release those feel-good endorphins.
  • Make a playlist. If you’ve ever created a mix for a significant other – and then a break-up mix when things didn’t work out – then you know that music can help you express a wide-range of emotions. Put together a playlist that will help motivate you on those down days when you need a little extra inspiration. Just be sure to avoid any songs that could cause nostalgia for your former days of using. 
Experiential Therapy
Many women who have “been in therapy for years” continue to feel stuck. Experiential activities, like music expression, can help our female clients communicate thoughts and feelings previously covered up. To learn more about our experiential therapy at Rising Roads, call us today: 866-746-1558. 

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