Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Real New Year's Resolutions from Real Women

For many women, the New Year often starts with an unrealistic self-improvement pledge. Yet resolutions like “I resolve to drop 20 pounds” or “give up sugar” are often hard to stick with over the long haul and they won’t necessarily strengthen your inner self and recovery journey. 

What’s more, according to the American Psychological Association, some overly ambitious resolutions made during the New Year only result in excess stress. Your best bet: Stick with simple and realistic resolutions. We scoured the web for some ideas from real women that might work for you

Resolve to stop apologizing. Do you tend to apologize for everything, even when you have nothing to be sorry for? "Everyone who knows me knows that 'I'm sorry' basically falls out of my mouth,” Devin, 23, of Manalapan, NJ, told  “I'm constantly apologizing for everything that happens around me. 'I'm sorry you walked into me on the subway! I'm sorry I need to ask my manager for guidance and might be disturbing her!' So this year, I'm going to own my shit and stop apologizing for things I don't have to apologize for."

Resolve to stop negative self-talk. “That negative inner voice that plants seeds of self-doubt is what I'd like to leave in the past,” Lauren, 27, of Atlanta, GA, told “It demotivates me, keeps me from enjoying the subsequent event, and wrecks my confidence at critical moments. I plan to put a more positive spin on my inner negativity… to encourage myself rather than tear myself down."

Resolve to say “no” without guilt. "It's very easy to find yourself in a position where saying 'no' to an event or to a request, or even putting yourself first, can ignite a sense of guilt,” Sheri, 29, Arlington, VA, told This year, however, I will commit to the things that I have the capacity for and the desire to do, and confidently say no, otherwise."

Resolve to begin the day with "me" time. "Last year was full of anxiety… I knew I needed a change in order to be a better person and be more present in my life," Trinity S. Perkins, of Woodbridge, VA, told "I resolved to enjoy some 'me time' first thing every morning — even if only for 10 minutes. I'll do things like lie in bed and take note of things I'm grateful for, put my phone on 'do not disturb' until I've finished my morning workout, and read for pleasure while enjoying my morning coffee.” 

Women and Addiction Recovery
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