Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Is Self-Care on Your Holiday To-do List?

For most of us, the holidays can stir up a mix of emotions – from gratefulness and glee to anxiety and stress. And in order to get through the season and safeguard your sobriety, you’ll need to be sure to charge your emotional and energetic reserves – and this starts with self-care.  

No, it’s not selfish to pay attention to your personal wellness this time of year. In fact, it’s crucial to your recovery. Plus, it will enable you to better enjoy the holidays and love of those around you. 

Get started with these self-care tips:
  • Make healthy habits routine. Try your best to stick to a sleep schedule, exercise regularly, eat a healthful diet and practice relaxation techniques – these self-care strategies are key to managing holiday stress. 
  • Mind your emotions. Self-care is more than just how much you eat or exercise, it also means paying attention to your thoughts, feelings, expectations and interactions. 
  • Remember your priorities: Take the pressure off of yourself by focusing only on the most important tasks – even if that means you can’t satisfy all of the holiday demands.
  • Create new traditions: If attending booze-laden family affairs, for instance, creates more stress than joy, take a step back and figure out a new family tradition. 
  • Lean on female friends. We’ve mentioned before about the many health perks of female friends, including increased optimism and decreased stress. Make time to get together with your sisters in recovery this season.
  • Just breathe: We all tend to hold our breath in times of stress, so stop and exhale. Taking, deep, mindful breaths throughout the day will help to keep your mind and body relaxed and focused.  
Begin Recovery at Rising Roads 
There’s no “right or wrong” season to begin on the journey toward sobriety. If you feel as if it’s time for a new beginning, don’t let the holidays stand in your way. To learn more about our gender-specific rehab, call us today: 866-746-1558. 

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