Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Understanding Cross Addictions

A simple definition of a cross addiction or substitute addiction is trading in one addiction for another. For example, someone can go from heroin to painkiller addiction; drinking to food addiction; cocaine to exercise addiction; or sex to gambling or working addiction. 

In fact, this very tendency to seek out a new high is often why addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing condition. Those who trade one addiction for another are simply trying to fill a void and falling back into old patterns with a new substance and/or behavior. And in most cases, relapse is the result. 

Are You At Risk of a Cross Addiction?
While cross addictions most commonly occur in those newly recovered, they can happen to anyone and at any point of recovery
. So how do you know if you’re developing a new addiction? While the answer will largely depend on the addictive substance or behavior, there are some common warning signs: 
  • Tolerance: You’ll need more and more to get the same “buzz”
  • Withdrawal: You’ll experience symptoms like anxiety, irritability, restlessness and sleep problems in the absence of the substance or behavior.
  • Continuance: You’ll continue in spite of negative consequences, such as missed responsibilities, interpersonal problems, physical injuries or mental health issues.
  • Lack of control: You won’t be able to stop or cut back.
  • Reduction in other activities:  You’ll forgo favorite hobbies and time spent with family and friends to use. 
  • Time: You’ll spend an excessive amount of time thinking about, planning for and recovering from the substance and/or behavior.
Call About Our Post Relapse Care
Rising Roads Recovery wants to help you educate yourself on your very own patterns. Addiction is a chronic disease and a previous relapse does not mean failure – nor is relapse necessary for long-term recovery. Just like everyone’s recovery plan looks different, so does everyone’s relapse avoidance plan. You have a unique history that needs to be accounted for in your plan. And we’re here to help; we’re here to plan, support, and love. To learn more, call today: 866-746-1558.

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