Friday, January 13, 2017

3 Tips for Setting Emotional Boundaries

Want to create happy, healthy and fulfilling relationships with your friends and family members? One way to do just that is to think about establishing some emotional boundaries.

While this can take many different forms, it’s actually a relatively simple concept. It’s an exercise in thinking through how you want to be treated by others and communicating your needs clearly and directly.

So, why is this so important? By articulating your emotional needs, you can build stronger connections – and avoid feeling “stuck” in relationships that simply don’t serve you well.

And, it is important to note that the act of creating emotional boundaries isn’t about pointing fingers or finding fault in the other person. It’s about being honest with yourself and others to build relationships that work for both parties.

For those on a journey from addiction to recovery, consider taking a few moments out of your day to think about setting boundaries with some of the important people in your life. It can help reduce your risk of relapse by creating a more positive social support system.

Step 1 – First, concentrate on your emotions.
Is there someone in your life who consistently makes you feel bad and has the uncanny ability to lower your self-esteem on a regular basis? That is usually a good signal that you might both benefit from setting emotional boundaries.

Step 2 – Identify what patterns of behavior are putting a strain on your relationship.
Does the other person constantly put you down and criticize your weight? Do you have a friend that tells you personal details about their life and it makes you uncomfortable? Remind yourself that you have the right to own your emotions.

Step 3 - Talk about it. Be direct. Don’t expect people to read your mind. 
Pull the other person aside and talk to them privately about the kind of behavior that you will – and won’t – accept. And frame up the conversation in a positive stance. You value the relationship and want to see it grow stronger and flourish.

Healthy Relationships Coaching at Rising Roads Recovery

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