Monday, December 26, 2016

Set Yourself Up for Success: 3 Tips to Cut the Clutter in the New Year!

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Part of the journey from addiction to recovery is getting rid of the things that don’t serve you well. In part, it’s about saying goodbye to the destructive behaviors and negative influences standing in the way of your newly sober (and much happier!) lifestyle.

If you’re starting a new life of sobriety, it’s also a great time to think about de-cluttering other parts of your life to help you focus on your sobriety and the things (and especially the people) that are truly important to you.

With the New Year just a few days away, why not carve out some time to think about streamlining your life and your priorities for 2017? Here are a few ideas for getting rid of the noise to set yourself up for a successful, sober, organized and happy year!

(1) Go green! 
If you aren’t recycling already, it’s never too late to get started. Most metropolitan areas offer a curbside recycling program. In most areas, all you need is a designated recycling bin to participate. If you don’t have one already, contact your city's waste management department for more information.

(2) Donate clothes that you haven’t worn in a year. 
Do you have a few sweaters hanging up in your closet that haven’t seen the light of day in a while? If so, you might consider donating clothes that you don’t regularly wear to a non-profit organization in your community. You’ll enjoy the extra space in your home while also helping neighbors in need.

(3) Create a cleaning schedule. 
You may not realize it, but letting the laundry pile up can cause you anxiety subconsciously. To help give you peace of mind to focus on your sobriety, consider mapping out a regular cleaning schedule. Hang up a whiteboard that outlines what you need to do each week and write down the day of the week you plan to accomplish each task. This way, you’ll stay on track and enjoy a clutter-free living space!

Transitional Living for Women

Our Rise Up Program was created for women seeking additional care after primary treatment. If you are graduating from a stabilization program and realize you need more help, then this program is for you. Rise Up can help you establish your goals for the next 90 days for your sobriety and beyond. To find out more about Rising Road Recovery’s transitional living program for women, call today: (866) 746-1558.

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