Monday, December 5, 2016

4 Scientifically-Proven Health Benefits of Yoga

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Yoga is one of the most powerful tools for addiction recovery. It teaches the student to choose mindfulness over impulsivity, calmness over agitation and gratitude instead of discontent.

Some practitioners believe that yoga works, in part, by helping to release negative, residual emotions and traumas from the past – which reduces your risk of relapse. While, at the same time, mitigating the symptoms of withdrawal.

If you’re on a journey to addiction recovery and need a little extra motivation today to hit the mat, here are four MORE reasons to practice yoga on a regular basis. Namaste!

(1) Your cortisol starts to drop. 
While this hormone is a natural reaction within your body to stress, chronically high levels can negatively impact your body. In one study, researchers compared the health benefits of yoga versus simple stretching exercises and found that women who practiced yoga had the steepest decline in their cortisol levels throughout the day.

(2) It reduces inflammation. 
Chronic and systemic inflammation is associated with a myriad of health conditions including heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Though, yoga has been shown to help combat inflammation in the body. Ohio State University researchers monitored women who practiced yoga throughout a three-month period and found that inflammation markers were down by 20 percent.

(3) Yoga helps you fight depression. 
With regular practice over time, yoga can regulate your mood and strengthen your mental health. How? It fundamentally changes your brain chemistry by increasing levels of the hormone oxytocin and GABA, an amino acid, both of which are linked to nervous system regulation. In fact, one study found that the levels of GABA in the brain increased by 27% as a result of practicing yoga!

(4) It can reduce your risk of developing cancer. 
Did you know that nearly 40% of Americans will be given a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime? But, by practicing yoga on a regular basis, you can lower your risk. Multiple studies have shown the protective health benefits of getting regular exercise - including yoga.

Discovering Yoga During Addiction Recovery

At Rising Roads Recovery, we firmly believe in the power of exercise during addiction recovery. Using a combination of boot camp workouts and meditative yoga sessions, we help clients learn healthy life skills they can practice in their new life of sobriety.

To learn more about our comprehensive addiction recovery services for women, call (866) 746-1558.

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