Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Why Art Therapy Works

Woman in art therapy for addiction
If you are battling an addiction or behavioral health issue, you are likely familiar with the most common forms of treatment available including 12 Step programs, cognitive behavioral therapy and talk therapy.

But, did you know that many leading addiction treatment facilities now recommend the use of art therapy to help augment the recovery process?

What is Art Therapy? 

Art therapy is a powerful tool that enables you to freely express your thoughts, emotions and improve your self-esteem.

While art therapy can be used to treat a wide range of conditions, art therapy has been shown to effectively treat those battling substance abuse issues. It is important to note that art therapy is much more than the act of creating art. It’s actually a two-step process where you are first encouraged to visualize your thoughts and feelings and then create visual expressions of those emotions using mediums including music, dance, painting and drawing.

Then, with the guidance of an experienced art therapist, you are able to explore the underlying meanings and the personal experiences that have helped to inform your artistic expression.

3 Benefits of Art Therapy 

Art therapy has been shown to help addicts overcome substance abuse issues and provide a wide variety of benefits.

Three of the most powerful outcomes from art therapy include:

1. It gives you the freedom to communicate feelings that you can’t verbalize. When you are dealing with memories or emotions that are hard to process, art therapy provides a safe outlet for release. And, it offers the opportunity to revisit those emotions at a later date when are you are more comfortable talking about those issues.

2. A healthy stress relief. Everybody experiences stress periodically. With hectic work schedules and personal commitments, it’s important to consciously create outlets to relieve your stress that don’t involve drugs or alcohol. With art therapy, you can tune out the noise and get peace of mind knowing that you are doing something truly good for your emotional and physical well-being.

3. Your art therapist may identify opportunities for personal growth. Sometimes it takes the perspective of someone else to help you understand what you are feeling and why. Art therapy is unique in that you may paint something or draw an experience from your past that you didn’t realize was creating an emotional blockage. With the insight from an experienced art therapist, you can help explore subconscious toxins that need to be addressed.

Holistic Addiction Therapy 

Art can be a phenomenal tool when used to promote emotional and cognitive growth. Through image making and creating you can tap into parts of your inner self.

Rising Roads uses both “Art therapy” which is facilitated by a therapist as well as “Art Expression” which can be facilitated and encouraged by anyone on our staff. Our hope is to enhance your therapeutic experience with the incorporation of artistic expression in many different mediums.

Begin your individual journey to recovery in our serene and supportive environment by calling 866.746.1558.

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