Monday, August 1, 2016

Newly Licensed Treatment Center for Women

newly licensed treatment center for womenLife is a beautiful gift. A complicated, beautiful gift that we are bestowed. At certain turning points, we will struggle, we may pause. But, those moments of contemplation and reflection are purposeful. They are there to teach us just how strong we are, collectively and individually.

I began this journey several years ago, wanting to help women in my community dealing with substance abuse. My desire to help wasn’t born of a need to mend, it was actually a mission inspired by the strength in those I witnessed on a courageous journey. I was fortunate to stand with women that bore strength and perseverance with no boundaries.

That is why I founded Rising Roads Recovery. I wanted to create a safe place for women to rediscover their true selves. To build a community where healing can thrive and souls can prosper.

To that end, it is with a full, warm heart that I am happy to announce that Rising Roads Recovery is now Licensed by the state of California Department of Health Services as a substance abuse treatment center. Rising Roads Recovery is here to provide a safe place where every woman can find her wholeness.

If you, or someone you love, is seeking help with substance abuse in conjunction with an eating disorder and/or traumatic experiences, please contact us today. I welcome you to join us.

Let the road rise up to meet you and continue on a healing path. Reach out today about our programs and services by calling us at 866.746.1558.

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