Thursday, July 7, 2016

Laugh It Off

humor in addiction recoveryRecovery is a hard road, but keeping your sense of humor just might help you along the way. That’s according to a new article in The Open Nursing Journal that looked at laughter theory in the medical literature. Keeping your wit about you can be an advantage if you’re working toward your recovery from substance abuse.

Here’s are ways the article says you might be able to benefit from a little humor right about now during the recovery process:

• Responding to stressful situations through humor often helps people feel less threatened and less stressed out as well.

• Humor can release pent up emotions and even improve mood.

• Having a good laugh can lower anxiety and release tension.

• Finding humor can help replace negative emotions with positive ones and may even help resolve interpersonal conflicts.

• People in recovery (as well as those who treat them and coach them) can use humor to lighten up the seriousness of many situations, which is a healthy way to cope with problems.

• It’s only natural to laugh at our own behavior when is outside the norm. Doing so can help you think of alternative behaviors through creative problem solving.

• Bantering and poking fun of our own past, intoxicated behavior is a way people in recovery groups can help relieve tension. Inside a safe community of people who have also been there—and done that—these moments of laughing at our former selves can be healing rather than embarrassing.

You can’t always lighten the mood with humor. Sure there are going to be many hard moments ahead on your way to recovery, but don’t forget that it’s okay to chuckle when the moment’s right. In fact, a good giggle might be just what you need to help make your recovery a success.

Experiential Therapy
One great place to let your laughter flow is during recreational experiential therapy sessions at Rising Roads. During these sessions, you’ll have a chance to try confidence-building activities like going rock climbing or kayaking. We also have music, role playing and drama experiences to offer. Begin your individual journey to recovery in our serene and supportive environment by calling 866.746.1558. Together, we’ll help bring laughter back into your daily life.

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