Thursday, July 7, 2016

Belonging to Something Bigger

belonging to something bigger
When you make the important decision to seek treatment for your addiction, you may feel completely isolated and alone, but when you join a 12-step program, you are becoming part of a group of people who are facing similar struggles. And being part of a community may be a more essential part of the healing process then we realize.

A History of Effectiveness
12 steps have been successful for recovering addicts for many years. Originally based on a process that was formulated in the 1930s for treating alcoholism, today a large portion of addiction treatment programs are based on an evolved version this methodology.

By admitting there is a substance abuse problem, acknowledging and taking responsibility for the fact that we have hurt people in our lives due to our addiction, attempting to make amends with our loved ones, meditating and trying to help heal other addicts, the therapy can be very effective.

Social Interaction Helps With Sobriety
A study sponsored by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism looked at how helping other alcoholics going through step 12-treatment created increased interest in others and decreased alcohol use over a 10-year period of engagement. In addition, the study showed that alcoholics who helped others also did more personal step-work and attended more meetings than those who didn’t help others.

For young people with social anxiety disorder, performing simple 12-step service tasks, like making coffee at meetings, is often associated with abstaining from substance abuse. Being actively part of a group can help those who are in recovery feel like they belong somewhere.

In younger adults with addiction, active involvement in community Twelve Step groups also tends to have a positive impact. Attendance and participation in AA/NA meetings following discharge from a residential treatment center seems to be associated with a higher number of days of sobriety.

In all these situations, people recovering from addiction tended to stay sober longer by having some form of communication with others, no matter how subtle.

Sticking To It
Perhaps the most essential way to remain sober after treatment is to continue attending meetings, working with the steps of the program and helping others.

But finding the right treatment center can help you get on the path to healing. At Rising Roads Recovery, you will have a sponsor to guide you through this 12-step process. For more information, call 1-866-746-1558.

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